The Best Vegan Restaurants in St. Augustine, Florida

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St. Augustine

St. Augustine, Florida, known as America’s First City, is a historic and charming destination that offers a variety of dining options. Whether you are a vegan or simply looking for vegan-friendly options, St. Augustine has many restaurants that cater to your dietary needs. While there are no explicitly vegan restaurants in St. Augustine, there are plenty of vegetarian restaurants and vegan-friendly options. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best vegan-friendly restaurants in St. Augustine, so you can enjoy delicious meals while exploring the city — beachside and beyond! Being vegan in St. Augustine is a breeze. Enjoy!

Buena Onda Cafe: Good Food, Good Vibes!

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Buena Onda Cafe is a cozy breakfast and lunch spot located in downtown St. Augustine. The cafe offers a variety of vegan and vegetarian options, including vegan pancakes, tofu scrambles, and vegan grilled cheese sandwiches. My favorite dish from Buena Onda is their Tikka Masala special made with chickpeas, chimichurri rice (yummm), sweet peas, corn, coconut milk, and turmeric. Buena Onda Cafe also features a small outdoor seating area, perfect for enjoying your meal while taking in the sights and sounds of the city.

The Floridian: Classic Vegan Food à la Florida

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The Floridian is a popular restaurant located in downtown St. Augustine that offers a variety of vegan and vegan-friendly options. Their menu features dishes made with locally sourced ingredients, and they have a separate vegan menu that includes dishes such as the vegan sloppy joe, vegan black bean burger, and vegan tacos. The Floridian also offers vegan desserts, such as their vegan key lime pie, to satisfy your sweet tooth. While not being an explicitly vegan restaurant, the Floridian offers a separate vegan menu featuring plant-based fish tacos (pictured above) and other delicious entrees, sides, and desserts!

Sprout Kitchen: Plant-Based Fare at the Heart of Northeast Florida

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Sprout Kitchen is a vegan and vegetarian restaurant located in St. Augustine that offers a variety of plant-based options that are both healthy and delicious. Their menu features dishes such as the vegan burrito bowl, vegan shawarma wrap, and vegan mac and cheese. Sprout Kitchen also offers a variety of smoothies and juices, perfect for a healthy and refreshing drink on a hot Florida day. Try their carrot “lox” bagel, topped with red onions, fresh dill, capers, and non-dairy cream cheese!

The Hyppo Cafe: Cool Down with Gourmet Ice Pops

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The Hyppo Cafe is a unique cafe located in downtown St. Augustine that offers a variety of vegan and vegetarian options, including vegan ice cream and vegan baked goods. Their menu features a variety of flavors of vegan ice cream, such as chocolate, strawberry, and mint chocolate chip. The Hyppo Cafe also offers vegan pastries, including vegan croissants and vegan cinnamon rolls, perfect for a sweet snack. Pictured here is their Kale Apple Cucumber ice pop! Delicious, slightly savory, and amazing on a summer’s day!

The Kookaburra: Bringing the Aussie to St. Aug

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Out of all of the places to get coffee and a quick snack in St. Augustine, the Kookaburra is by far my favorite. I love to get an iced coconut milk latte with their vegan and gluten free pumpkin muffin. The Kookaburra has multiple locations located around St. Augustine, so whether you’re shopping down King St. or lounging on Anastasia Island, you’re sure to find something to munch on.

Creative Juices Natural Cafe: Vegan and Gluten-Friendly Haven on the East Coast

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Creative Juices is a vegan and gluten-friendly juice and smoothie shop that also serves a variety of plant-based snacks and small plates. Their tempeh scramble with non-dairy cheese and their tempeh breakfast salad (shown above) are to. die. for. There’s truly nothing like a veggie-filled meal to beat the hot Florida sun!

FarmHand Kchn: A Farm to Table Experience on the Atlantic

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FarmHand Kchn offers a farm-to-table dining experience that features fresh and locally sourced produce. Their menu changes seasonally to ensure that the ingredients used in their dishes are always fresh and in-season. FarmHand Kchn is known for its creative and innovative plant-based options. Their chefs are constantly experimenting with new ingredients and flavor combinations to create unique and delicious dishes, including their vegan bagel specials — shown in the photo above! Be sure to check out their variety of vegan desserts that are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth.

Stir It Up Restaurant: A Beachside Getaway

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Located just steps away from St. Augustine’s Anastasia Island Beach, Stir It Up is a beachside getaway with chill vibes and delicious food! One of the standout vegan options at Stir It Up is their vegan jerk tofu. It’s marinated in jerk seasoning and grilled to perfection, making it a great substitute for traditional jerk chicken. The restaurant also offers a vegan Caribbean bowl, which is a hearty mix of rice, beans, plantains, and vegetables.

Whether you’re visiting to soak up sunny Florida, or a long-time resident, St. Augustine has a plentiful assortment of vegan and plant based-friendly options for anyone to enjoy!

Lia Cope

Lia Cope is a North-Central Florida native living in Gainesville, FL with a passion for writing, eating with friends, and -- of course-- plant-based food! Lia is excited to collaborate with Vegan Unlocked to share the diversity that Florida's vegan cuisine has to offer.

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