The Best Vegan options in Port Angeles, Washington

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Port Angeles

With a population of 20,000, Port Angeles, Washington, is the largest city in Clallam County. This oceanside port city boasts breathtaking views across the Juan de Fuca Strait to British Columbia. Port Angeles is full of activities, like ferry rides to neighboring islands, whale watching tours, and visits to natural areas nearby. Port Angeles is also a gateway into Olympic National Park, one of the most remote and rugged National Parks in the United States. Wild, untamed coastlines, ancient, old growth rainforests, relaxing hot springs, glacial lakes, and snow-capped alpine ecosystems make up this magical place. Whether you’re just passing through or here to stay, Port Angeles is definitely worth a visit.

What are the vegan options in Port Angeles like? Well, there is only one dedicated vegan restaurant (as far as we know) in Port Angeles. But there are plenty of vegan-friendly and even vegan-centric dining options! You’ll have no problem finding vegan options in Port Angeles, making this city a worthwhile stop after passing through rural areas with far less vegan items available.  Here are our top picks for vegan options in Port Angeles!

Rabbit Food

Price: $

Cuisine: variety plant-based


As far as we’re aware, Rabbit Food is the only exclusively vegan restaurant in Port Angeles. And it’s a good one! Rabbit Food serves a wide variety of vegan eats, from curries and falafel to sandwiches and more. This humble eatery is the perfect place to stop for a satisfying bite to eat- they’ve truly got something for everyone to enjoy. We feel the savory BBQ Tofu sandwich is the best item on the menu, topped with red onion, sweet pickle and avocado. The name “Rabbit Food” is quite the contradiction, as you’ll find far more than salad at this diverse restaurant. Enjoy!

The Best vegan-friendly restaurants in Port Angeles, Washington

These restaurants may not be 100% vegan, but they’ve made a great deal of effort to create menus that cater to a vegan diet. By sharing and promoting the best vegan options in Port Angeles, we hope to inspire these small businesses to continue to expand their vegan menus. Here are our top vegan-friendly restaurants in Port Angeles!

New Day Eatery

Price: $$

Cuisine: breakfast, American comfort, healthy, coffee


New Day Eatery serves food all day, but in our opinion, their breakfast is where it’s at. Walking in the front doors to be greeted with sweeping rows of delicious pastries is almost overwhelming. The smell of fresh coffee and tasty vegan breakfast is enough to nearly knock you over as you step inside. We stopped at New Day Eatery on our way out of Olympic National Park in hopes of some nutritious fuel for a long road trip. We were not disappointed! The vegan breakfast sandwich, served on focaccia bread with homemade red pepper aioli, vegan eggs, vegan mozzarella, spinach, and crispy potato rounds comes with your choice of vegan chorizo or apple sage sausage- we highly recommend the sausage. Next in line comes the vegan Benny, along with the vegan biscuits and gravy. The options are endless! We haven’t stopped in for lunch just yet, but New Day’s many reviews suggest it’s every bit as special. For a non-vegan restaurant, this place is a vegan paradise! 

Midtown Public House

Price: $$

Cuisine: Asian variety, pub


If you’re stopping in Port Angeles, odds are you’re on your way to Olympic National Park. Why not stop and admire your destination from afar with sweeping views of the Olympic Range? That’s Midtown Public House- the restaurant with the best view in town! Midtown Public House is also a pub, so you can really sit back, relax, and enjoy. We strongly recommend ordering the Tofu Bowl: Wok tossed lemongrass tofu, stir fried market veggies, Thai basil, Korean pickles, pickled red onions, cilantro, and garlic tahini on white rice. Yum!

Sabai Thai

Price: $$

Cuisine: Thai


There’s a good reason why we almost always include at least one Thai restaurant in our “vegan friendly” sections. Thai Food is consistently one of the most vegan-friendly cuisines in the world. But some Thai restaurants go above and beyond. Over 500 reviews specifically mention the word “vegan” at Sabai Thai, singing their praises for its variety of tasty options. Our personal favorite is the Emporer’s Cashew, ordered with fried tofu. This dish features stir-fried broccoli, carrots, cashew nuts, onions, bell peppers, fresh mushroom and snow peas. Enjoy!

Lake Crescent Lodge

Price: $$$

Cuisine: American variety


Lake Crescent Lodge is not exactly located in downtown Port Angeles. In fact, it’s a 22-mile-drive to reach this lodge and restaurant. But it’s well worth the long drive, and if possible, a weekend camping trip. Lake Crescent Lodge is technically located within Port Angeles, but it’s also within the boundaries of Olympic National Park. Because it’s right off major Highway 101, you will not need to pay an entrance fee. Enjoy an Impossible Burger with a cocktail of choice while staring out at the most glistening, blue, glacial, crystal-clear lake you’ve ever seen. In the summer, you can even jump in and take a swim. But be warned, the water is cold! Olympic National Park is a must if you’re visiting Port Angeles, so be sure to make time for this once-in-a-lifetime drive out to the lake and beyond.

Chelsea Pinkham

Chelsea Pinkham is a long-time animal advocate, rescuer, and humane education writer. Chelsea studied Communications & Journalism with a minor in Environmental Science at Sonoma State University. She has been vegan for thirteen years, since she discovered the treatment of animals on farms in middle school. Outside of Vegan Unlocked, she works for a nonprofit farmed animal sanctuary, authors humane education children’s books, and has personally rescued, fostered and transported over 1,000 animals. She enjoys camping, hiking, learning about animal behavior, and traveling the world on a low budget!

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