Mission Statement

Vegan Unlocked is a community resource dedicated to opening the locks on every obstacle preventing people from adopting a plant-based lifestyle. We’re working to break down barriers and share our knowledge with the public about affordable, accessible and delicious vegan foods! 

About Us

Vegan Unlocked strives to expand the horizons of what “vegan” can mean. It’s our philosophy that veganism is for anyone and everyone who seeks it- whether your reason lies with animal wellbeing, human rights, the planet, or your health. Your income, your body type, where you call home or how much time you have on your hands shouldn’t have to stop you from being a part of the community. 

For many, the reason for gravitating towards a plant-based lifestyle is rooted in compassion. Yet compassion is so often lacking in the vegan community. We’ve seen the righteous attitudes, the exclusive communities, and the gatekeeping behavior that drives people away from the world of veganism. And we’re as sick of it as you are!

The truth is that we’re all here because we are trying to change the world. And we think that’s fantastic! Whether you’re vegan for one meal a day or seven days a week, choosing plant-based always makes a difference. 

From big cities to food deserts, college students to senior citizens, or fast food to gourmet dining, where there’s a will, there’s a way! That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to “unlocking” vegan food for folks all over the world. Step aside, gate-keepers!

Whoever you are, you’re making a difference, and you’re doing an amazing job at it. We’re just here to make your life a little bit easier!

Meet The Staff

Chelsea Pinkham

Chelsea Pinkham is a long-time animal advocate, rescuer, and humane education writer. Chelsea studied Communications & Journalism with a minor in Environmental Science at Sonoma State University. She has been vegan for thirteen years, since she discovered the treatment of animals on farms in middle school.

Outside of Vegan Unlocked, she works for a nonprofit farmed animal sanctuary, authors humane education children’s books, and has personally rescued, fostered and transported over 1,000 animals. She enjoys camping, hiking, learning about animal behavior, and traveling the world on a low budget!

Nina Lowry

Nina Lowry is an undergraduate student at UC Berkeley in her last year studying Molecular Environmental Biology with a focus in Animal Health and Behavior and minoring in Conservation and Resource Studies. She has been vegan for 2 years and grew up mostly plant-based. She is passionate about animal rights, animal behavior, and sustainability.

She has a rescued brown tabby named Iggy who is her pride and joy and is talented at learning new tricks and walking on a leash! She has rescued many animals from lab guinea pigs to dairy calves and hopes to participate in many more. She enjoys ceramics, photography, camping, traveling, and working with her hands to craft and create!

Madaline Dunn

Madaline is a vegan journalist, writer, and editor specializing in sustainability, current affairs, and social justice and the ways in which they intersect.

Her work focuses on innovation and progress, prioritizing rigorous investigation. When she’s not writing, she’s in the kitchen experimenting with new plant-based recipes, reading a good book, or thinking about her next cup of coffee.

Lydia Greene

Lydia Greene is a freelance writer with a passion for food and travel. When she’s not writing, you can find her hiking in the woods near her home in Portland, Oregon, cooking up a tasty meal or dreaming up her next adventure.

Cristina Garrido

Cristina is a vegan cook and recipe developer. She’s worked in several vegan kitchens, as a collaborator for different cooking blogs and now works as a consultant helping restaurants interested in making their menus more vegan-friendly. 

She’s passionate about cultural foods and culinary innovations. Her non-food related interests include thrifting, sustainability and exploring her new adoptive country, Portugal.

Work With Us

We love collaborating with mission driven brands and individuals. If you’d like to get in touch to discuss partnership opportunities (including sponsored posts, recipes, and  Instagram features), or otherwise explore how we can work together, please send us a message!