The Best Vegan Pizza in Austin, TX!

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Welcome to the Vegan Capital of South Austin, Texas! This city is a foodie paradise, with an unrivaled love for good eats and all things plant-based. With its warm, sunny weather, lively music scene, and adventurous spirit, Austin has something to offer everyone.

Founded in 1839, Austin has a rich history and was once the capital of the Republic of Texas. Today, the city is known for its vibrant arts scene and laid-back lifestyle. It’s also home to several well-known festivals, such as South by Southwest (SXSW) and the Austin City Limits Music Festival, making it a hub for creativity and culture.

Veganism has taken Austin by storm, and the city is now home to some of the country’s most innovative and delicious vegan restaurants. The city has become a hub for vegan cuisine, with a growing number of vegan-friendly restaurants, cafes, and food trucks. Austin’s vegan scene is diverse and inclusive, offering something for everyone, from fast food options to fine dining experiences.

Pizza is a staple in any city, and Austin is no exception. In this city, vegan pizza has reached new heights, with creative toppings and flavorful crusts that rival even the best non-vegan pizzerias. From classic margherita to unique combinations like BBQ jackfruit and cashew cheese, Austin’s vegan pizzas will leave you wanting more. And with so many options, you’ll never run out of new and delicious pizzerias to try.

Buckle up as we delve into our top picks of vegan pizzerias in Austin:

Lil’ Nonna’s Pizzeria


Get ready for a vegan pizza experience like no other at Lil’ Nonna’s Pizzeria in Austin, Texas! This restaurant is a game-changer in the world of vegan cuisine, offering a menu that’s packed with delicious and innovative pizzas that are sure to satisfy even the biggest pizza lover.

Lil’ Nonna’s Pizzeria is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious vegan meal in a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. Whether grabbing a quick bite to eat or settling in for a night of good food and company, Lil’ Nonna’s is the perfect destination. We highly recommend a Margherita, which is an organic San Marzano tomato sauce, fresh basil, and housemade vegan mozzarella. It’s simply delicious.

Possum Pizza


Indulge in a culinary adventure with Possum Pizza, a 100% vegan pizza truck that defies conventional pizza norms. From their signature thin crusts to their tantalizing toppings, they offer an eclectic blend of classic favorites and unexpected junk food-inspired ingredients. Whether you’re a die-hard pizza aficionado or seeking to expand your taste buds, Possum Pizza is your ticket to a bold and flavorful journey beyond the ordinary. Our top picks are the cheese sticks, Buffalo cauli pizza, and the bac’n Mac pizza.

Big Nonna’s


Big Nonna’s has got to be the best spot for vegan pizza and ice cream in Austin.

At Big Nonna’s, they understand that a great pizza is all about the toppings. That’s why they offer a variety of delicious, vegan-friendly toppings that are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Every bite is packed with flavor, from savory veggies like mushrooms, peppers, and onions to tangy sauces and spices. And with its crispy, thin crust, every pizza is a delight for the senses.

Whether you’re grabbing a quick bite with friends or settling in for a night of indulgent dining, Big Nonna’s has everything you need for a memorable meal. Our advice? For dessert, try the vegan coconut ice cream topped with fresh berries and a drizzle of dark chocolate.

The Vegan Nom


The Vegan Nom is your favorite vegan taco truck in Austin, Texas bringing you the most rockin’ tacos, burritos, & Tex-Mex on the planet. We strongly recommend a Detroit Style pizza, which is a square-cut pie that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The dough is made with a slow-fermented process that results in a unique and savory flavor, and the toppings are cooked to perfection, making every bite a true delight.

Vegan-Friendly Pizzerias in Austin

The following restaurants and pizzerias are not completely vegan, but still crank out some incredible vegan pizza. We include them here to appreciate the effort of providing vegan and guilt-free pizzas on their menu, and we hope they’ll see how beneficial vegan menu selections can be. 

Here are our top picks for vegan-friendly pizzerias in Austin:

Via 313 Pizza

Price: $$$


Another amazing pizzeria in Austin with vegan options is Via 313 Pizza. One of the most popular vegan pizzas here is the vegan “Detroit Style” pizza, which is a square-cut pie that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The dough is made with a slow-fermented process that results in a unique and savory flavor. It’s then drenched in marinara sauce, making every bite a true delight. And that is a recommendation!

Pizza Day


Pizza Day offers the most incredible organic vegan pizza. The pizza crusts are produced with organic USDA flour, and the toppings are freshly hand-cut vegetables. This results in a pizza that tastes and looks just like it did when baked at home.

As you anticipate satisfying your cravings with delicious vegan pizzas, feel free to indulge in the vegan selections from Pizza Day restaurant’s signature menu created by a renowned Chef or other fusion delicacies. At Pizza Day, the commitment to quality never wavers, and with a tantalizing selection of dishes, including new vegan options at wallet-friendly prices, there’s no reason to hold back from satisfying your pizza cravings. Our favorite choice? The Vegan Deluxe features a variety of fresh vegetables, including bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, and black olives, all atop a savory tomato sauce and vegan mozzarella cheese.

DeSano Pizzeria Napoletana


If you’re a vegan and a pizza lover, you’ll know the struggle of finding a pizzeria that caters to your dietary needs. But look no further because DeSano Pizzeria in Austin, Texas, has got you covered. DeSano Pizzeria Napoletana offers a wide variety of vegan options, from classic cheese and Pepperoni to unique toppings such as cashew cheese and Beyond Meat sausage. All of their vegan pizzas are made with high-quality, plant-based ingredients and are crafted with care to ensure that every bite is delicious and satisfying. A recommendation? Try the Vegan spring Pizza with no cheese.

Whole Foods Market


Whole Foods Market has dominated the natural and organic food industry for 40 years. Ranked number five store for healthy food, whole foods market is a great place to satisfy your vegan pizza cravings. Our advice? Check out the spicy grilled vegan pizza. This is an easy grab-and-go when you’re in a hurry.

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