The Best Vegan Options in Birmingham, Alabama

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Birmingham’s history dates back to the first peoples and continues on as a diverse city. 1.11 million people call the Birmingham Metro home, which only increases yearly. But when did this begin?

The Magic City, founded in 1871, saw its population boom in the late 19th century. It’s main production was Iron, since the mountains around are full of the valuable resources needed to produce it!. The state of Alabama is one of the most biodioverse in the country. It boasts over 77,000 miles of river, more than 6,000 species, and 5 different geographic regions.

Through time, the city of Birmimgham’s geography, culture, and atmosphere has changed, but there is something that holds all of us together. One thing has stayed the same all these years. Southerners love food. 

Many years ago, hopeful vegans and vegetarians managed with one or two subpar options. But the times have changed. The good ole’ Ham has many vegan options so vegans can also enjoy a taste of southern hospitality. Finding vegan options in Birmingham is a whole lot easier than you might expect. Here are some of our favorites!

Not Ya Average Leaf 

Price: $

Cuisine: Soul, Comfort food


You have to run to “not your average leaf” since it is constantly moving. This vegan food truck roams the streets of downtown Birmingham. As one of the newest vegan options in Birmingham, it is gaining a cult following in the community! 

“Not Ya Average leaf’s” founder, Koko Nunn, a 19-year-old Chron’s survivor, helps the city stay fit and healthy one meal at a time! At Not Your Average Leaf, “Vegan is not Boring”! Among their many dishes, the Philly Cheesesteak Eggroll has won our hearts, and you can not miss it! For dessert, grab a homemade Cobbler Eggroll. It is the newest take on the southern classic, stuffed into a crispy eggroll wrap! 

Croix Street Vegan

Price: $$

Cuisine: American


Straight out of downtown, this Vegan food truck serves an american classic, Hot Dogs! Croix Street Vegan’s hotdog is loaded with all the toppings you can think of! On top of the marinated Carrot Dog, you can pile pickles, slaw, mustard, chili, onions, ketchup, or a combination of them on top! Among the famous hot dogs, you can also find tacos, rice bowls, and gold ole’ sloppy joes! 

Make sure you check out their website for the route details!


Price: $

Cuisine: Bakery


Is it ok to be addicted to Cinnamon Rolls? Well, Cinnaholic thinks it’s great! Helping Vegans at 70+ locations, I am happy to have this vegan option in Birmingham! While they have 6 signature rolls, a popular one is the caramel apple pie cinnamon roll! But, they have something for everyone. Customize your roll with 17 seasonal frostings, and choose from their 24 toppings!

If you don’t love cinnamon rolls, don’t fret! Cinnaholic also serves brownies, cookie dough, and cookies!

Vegan-Friendly Restaurants in Birmingham

While these establishments are not 100% vegan, they’re going out of their way to broaden their menus towards plant-based folks. We want to acknowledge their efforts in creating vegan dishes and encourage these businesses to transition to vegan menus. 


Price: $$

Cuisine: Health Food


On a mission to help people feel good, Greenhouse serves healthy dishes in Homewood, a quiet neighborhood south of downtown. The plant-forward theme indicates only one thing, good healthy veggie dishes! While not a vegan restaurant specifically, I love their vegan customizations and options! You can grab a vegan grilled cheese on locally baked sourdough bread! 

As the name and interior suggest, they have awesome salads, with unique vegan proteins! You can pick from Chickpea Fritters, Spicy Tofu, and Freaky Tofu! Then pour some house-made vegan dressing on top!

Rush Bowls

Price $$

Cuisine: Health Food, Acai Bowls


In 2004, Rush Bowls was invented, but in 2022 Rush Bowls met Birmingham! Rush Bowls prides itself on being transparent with ingredients and is happy to help make your perfect vegan bowl! From Acai to Pitaya the options are limitless. They serve dairy alternatives, vegan soy protein, and many other vegan friendly toppings!

Birmingham may not be on the beach, but Rush Bowls brings the beach to you in the form of a bowl! The beach bowl is full of acai, mango, banana, and guava juice, and topped with fruit and nuts! Normally it comes with Organic Hemp Granola, Honey, and an additional topping. However, they are happy to substitute the honey for another vegan friendly topping!

New China Town 

Price: $

Cuisine: Chinese


Chinese food ranks as one of the top cuisines, but why settle for stir-fried vegetables? New China Town decided to change the Chinese game in Birmingham! In bustling 5 Points South, New China Town has the most Chinese vegan options in Birmingham.

They have classics like Mapo Tofu, and Americanized dishes like the Special Fried Tofu! Besides the massive variety of tofu dishes, they also serve vegan beef and chicken! You can now happily savor the classic Mongolian “Beef” without compromising that same flavourful umami taste! 

As a side note, you can substitute most chicken and beef dishes with the vegan equivalent.

Eli’s Jerusalem Grill

Price: $$

Cuisine: Israeli 


Going to Eli’s teleports you to the streets of Jerusalem, while serving you with southern charm! Eli’s ranks as one of the most underrated vegan options in Birmingham since it is not overtly vegan. But its menu would beg to differ! Each morning, the cooks bake fresh pita, and then fry their crispy falafel in non-GMO sunflower oil! 

My favorite is the vegan plate that has Falafel, Hummus, Baba Ghanoush, a Tabouli Salad, and Red Cabbage Salad! For dessert, you can get house-made Baklava and Hot Moroccan mint tea.

Bay Leaf

Price: $$

Cuisine: Indian


India is the homeland of over 1 billion people and is renowned for its vegan and vegetarian dishes! While India may be 8,500 miles away, its food and amazing people made its way to the southern city of Birmingham!

Bay leaf became an eccentric modern vegan option in Birmingham. Their menu is full of veggies and authentic flavors mixed with a modern twist!

A few vegan highlights are Karari Bhindi (thinly sliced fried okra), a traditional Samosa Duo, the Street Dosa (a rice and lentil crepe with mashed vegetables), and the Chana Masala (chickpeas, tomatoes, and onions cooked with masala gravy).

Red Cat Coffee House

Price: $

Cuisine: American, Coffee


As a coffee fanatic, I have to spread the word about one of the best vegan coffee options in Birmingham! Red Cat Coffee House’s cozy atmosphere is best paired with a signature latte!

Each signature latte is named after a cuddly cat breed! My favorite, the Havana Brown, pairs its aromatic espresso with am Irish cream and hazelnut syrup! For the best flavor, and to make it vegan, get it with oat milk!

If you are hungry make sure to grab the veggie wrap! This is one of the only vegan options on their small menu. The veggie wrap is full of tomatoes, cucumbers, pickled onions, hummus, and a vinaigrette.

To put the cherry on top, they also have a small selection of vegan pastries!

Blue Root

Price: $$

Cuisine: Health food


Down the block from Red Cat, there lies a hidden gem for all vegans! Blueroot, is a new upscale healthy eatery, known for its delicious customizable salads! While salads may suit your appetite, we can all agree, they can get boring. 

When you’re taking a break from the greens, grab a Beyond Meat Burger. (They are one of the only places in Birmingham to get a vegan burger!)

At the moment they are sold as vegetarian, but with a simple modification, they can be a delicious vegan option! If you want to pair it with a warm soup, you have your pick, because all four are vegan.

Jordan Parkman

Jordan Parkman is an avid traveler, writer, and dog cuddler. Currently, he has his home base in
Birmingham, Alabama, and is up for an adventure every day! As a freelance writer focusing on
travel and food, he loves to eat anywhere. When he is at home, Jordan experiments in the
kitchen and loves to blend flavors and create dishes. After seeing Covid-19 and other
sicknesses’ effects on family and friends, Jordan decided to make mindful living a priority. He
learned most of his knowledge from his health coach mother, and together they are making their
family healthier and happier one meal at a time!

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