Vegan Eats at Einstein Bros. Bagels – The Top Picks

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Einstein Bros. Bagels started out in 1995 as part of a national bagel takeover under Progressive Bagel Concepts, Inc. The first outpost was located in Ogden, Utah, and since then, it has grown its bagel empire significantly. With 689 Einstein Bros now dotted across the US, the company specializes in, as the name would suggest, bagels and coffee, and it’s a one-stop shop for your morning breakfast trip. Luckily it’s a location that vegans can enjoy, too, offering a wide selection of vegan-friendly delights. At Vegan Unlocked, we’ve made the path to plant-based deliciousness even more straightforward. Equipped with our full menu, secret menu and editor’s picks, you’ll be able to satisfy your morning cravings, whether you’re in the mood for something sweet, or you’re salivating for something savory. 

The Vegan Unlocked Research Team combed through all 60 items on the Einstein Bros. Bagels menu and found ten downright delicious on-menu items and a few secret menu items that’ll have your mouth watering. 

Einstein Bros. Bagels scores 2.3 out of 5 stars with few vegan options, meaning that while you’ve certainly got plenty of plant-based bagels to choose from, when it comes to toppings, you’re a little more restricted. No vegan cheeses here, but plenty of fresh veggies and some spreads too. 

This score is calculated based on the number of vegan offerings on Einstein Bros. Bagels menu “as is” or with an easy substitution, a restaurant vegan customizability score and finally, the number of vegan options vs non-vegan options. Learn more about how Vegan Unlocked Ratings are calculated.

Secret Menu

When you’re looking to grab a bite to eat in the morning, with so many cafes and diners, you’d think you’d be spoilt for choice. However, when it comes to plant-based options, some places are still playing catch-up and offer a more restricted selection than you’d expect. Luckily Einstein Bros is not one of these places, and has a diverse range of breakfast bites for you to enjoy. That said, at Vegan Unlocked, we believe that veganism should be as accessible and delicious as possible, so we sent in our team of vegan researchers to hunt down the secret menu options. They didn’t disappoint, either, coming up with two divine options that will stop your stomach from grumbling and set you up for your day ahead.

Not up for trying out one of our custom creations? Scroll on to find the Einstein Bros. Bagels vegan menu items and our editors’ top picks just below this section.

The Hot Bagel

To enjoy this bagel that packs a punch, order up a garlic bagel and then top it with avocado, tomato, salsa verde and chipotle salsa. It’ll make your taste buds tingle and scratch your itch for something a little spicy in the morning.


PB and J is a classic combination beloved by millions across the US. But, what happens when you throw some chocolate into the mix? Well, good things happen. Order up a chocolate chip bagel, layer it with Natural Peanut Butter and Natural Strawberry Jelly, and watch the magic happen.

All the Vegan Options at Einstein Bros. Bagels

There are a number of vegan Einstein Bros bagels on offer on the full menu and some other tasty bites, too. 


  • Avocado toast bagel
  • Ancient grain bagel
  • Blueberry bagel
  • Cinnamon raisin bagel
  • Chocolate chip bagel
  • Everything bagel
  • French toast bagel
  • Honey whole wheat bagel (contains honey)
  • Sesame bagel
  • Garlic bagel
  • Plain bagel
  • Avocado veg out sandwich without shmear


  • Sea salt potato chips

Sauces, Add Ons, Toppings

  • Avocado
  • Capers
  • Cucumbers
  • Leaf Lettuce
  • Pickle Spear
  • Red Onion
  • Spinach
  • Tomato
  • Mustard, Spicy Brown Deli 
  • Salsa verde
  • Chipotle salsa
  • Natural Peanut Butter
  • Natural Strawberry Jelly

Editor’s Picks: What Are the Top Vegan Meals at Einstein Bros. Bagels?

Our sweet sensation pick is the PBJC. Jammy, nutty, and chocolatey, it combines some of the best-loved flavors in the dessert world, with the delightful chewy-ness that a bagel brings.

Grabbing a satisfying breakfast treat doesn’t have to break the bank, at least not at Einstein Bros. Bagels. At just $2.28, the French toast bagel is our pocket saver

Sometimes, prying your eyes open in the morning for the day ahead requires more than just a hit of caffeine. If you struggle to get going in the morning, grab the spicy special at Einstein Bros. Bagels, the Hot Bagel. Goodbye, tired eyes.

Note: Vegan Unlocked is a tool dedicated to helping people find plant-based options. We are not an allergen resource, and want to encourage our friends with allergies to proceed with caution. We cannot control and don’t always know when cross contamination takes place. See the Einstein Bros. Bagels allergen menu here. As far as cross-contamination of vegan foods with animal products, this is completely up to your comfort level as an individual. Read our stance on cross contamination here.

Frequently Asked Einstein Bros. Bagels Questions

Does Einstein Bros. Bagels Have Vegan Cream Cheese?

Unfortunately, while the company has test-marketed plant-based cream cheese (Kite Hill and Daiya) in the past, and even Beyond Meat’s breakfast sausage patty, there has been no nationwide rollout. So, no, currently, there’s vegan cream cheese on offer. 

Is the Cinnamon Sugar Bagel at Einsteins Vegan?

No, the Cinnamon Sugar Bagel contains milk and so, it is not vegan-friendly.

Is the Herbivore Topper at Einstein’s Bagels Vegan?

While the Herbivore Topper at Einstein’s Bagels might sound delicious, unfortunately, it has Garlic & Herb shmear spread on top, which contains dairy, making it not vegan-friendly. 

You can find out more information on Einstein Bros. Bagels by visiting their website here.

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