Vegan Eats at Dutch Bros – All the Vegan Options

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Dutch Bros, founded back in 1992, is the brainchild of two Dutch brothers, Dane and Travis Boersma (hence the name). With a presence in over 300 locations and a title as the third-largest coffee chain behind Starbucks and Dunkin, the business has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a pushcart business. However, while its popularity has grown, its vegan offerings have remained decidedly small. Nevertheless, equipped with the Vegan Unlocked full menu and editor’s picks, you’ll be able to sit back and sip on something delicious if you find yourself at a Dutch Bros drive-through. 

The Vegan Unlocked Research Team combed through all the items on the Dutch Bros menu and found 11 plant-based beverages you can enjoy when craving a coffee rush or a hit of something sweet.

Dutch Bros earned 1 out of 5 stars with little to no vegan options. So, while you’ll find some plant-based milks and be able to slurp on some fruity smoothies, when it comes to snacks and sweets, you’ll find them rather lacking. 

This score is calculated based on the number of vegan offerings on Dutch Bros’s menu “as is” or with an easy substitution, a restaurant vegan customizability score and finally, the number of vegan options vs non-vegan options. Learn more about Vegan Unlocked Ratings.

All the Vegan Options at Dutch Bros

So, what is on the vegan menu at Dutch Bros? Well, there’s a reasonable selection.


  • ANNIHILATOR, with plant milk subbed in to replace the half and half for plant milk and swap out the honey for cane sugar
  • Cold brew
  • Nitro
  • Nitro-infused ANNIHILATOR, with the half and half, swapped out for plant milk and cane sugar instead of honey
  • Americano
  • Nitro-infused KICKER with plant milk and cane sugar
  • KICKER with the half and half swapped out for plant milk, and cane sugar added rather than honey
  • 9-1-1 with a plant milk of your choice and cane sugar
  • Peach tea with cane sugar, not honey
  • Double rainbro tea with cane sugar instead of honey
  • Passion fruit tea with cane sugar
  • Strawberry tea with cane sugar
  • Tropical tea with cane sugar
  • Peach smoothie without whipped cream and with cane sugar added in
  • Strawberry smoothie sans whipped cream and cane sugar
  • Green apple smoothie, just ask for no whipped cream and add in some cane sugar
  • Mango smoothie without whipped cream and cane sugar
  • Lemonade with cane sugar
  • Dutch sodas with cane sugar
  • Vanilla chai with plant milk and cane sugar
  • Rebel energy drinks with cane sugar

Editor’s Picks: What Are the Top Vegan Meals at Dutch Bros

While you can’t actually capture sunshine in a cup, this drink sure tastes like it. Dutch Bros’ seaside sipper is its lemonade with cane sugar. It’ll transport you to the beach and make you feel like you are soaking up some of those summer rays.

Fresh fruit is always a serotonin booster, and Dutch Bros’ strawberry smoothie is its best Summer slurper, which will bring a smile to your face and blow the clouds away. 

Sometimes you just fancy a little jolt to get you going in the morning, and there’s nothing quite like a simple coffee to do the trick. The best back-to-basic coffee classic is the Dutch Bros Americano. 

Note: Vegan Unlocked is a tool dedicated to helping people find plant-based options. We are not an allergen resource, and want to encourage our friends with allergies to proceed with caution. We cannot control and don’t always know when cross contamination takes place. As far as cross-contamination of vegan foods with animal products, this is completely up to your comfort level as an individual. Read our stance on cross contamination.

Frequently Asked Dutch Bros Questions

Is Dutch Bros Chai Vegan?

When it comes to whether or not Dutch Bros Chai is vegan, it contains honey, so it really comes down to your discretion with regard to what you’re comfortable with. Likewise, some of the chai on offer contain white chocolate, caramel, or vanilla sauce, so make sure to keep an eye out and always ask your barista. 

Why is Dutch Bros Rebel Not Vegan?

Some of the Rebels at Dutch Bros are vegan-friendly, however, those containing white chocolate sauce are not vegan. These drinks include:

  • Unicorn Blood
  • Red, White & Blue
  • Peach Ring
  • Pink Flamingo
  • Dinosaur Egg
  • Gummy Bear

Can you get Dutch Bros Dairy-free?

Yes, Dutch Bros offers oat milk which is dairy-free and plant-based. It also offers almond and coconut milk – however, it doesn’t label them as plant-based as the company is unsure of where the natural flavorings derive. 

You can find out more information on Dutch Bros by visiting their website here.

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