Vegan at Cracker Barrel- The Best Options

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Few fast food chains are as nostalgic as Cracker Barrel, with its Southern country theme and homestyle cooking. This is the place to go for a welcoming atmosphere and a warm, comfort-food meal. Cracker Barrel was founded back in 1969 in Tennessee, and since then has expanded to have over 600 locations in nearly every state. However, no matter how far it’s strayed from its humble beginnings, this beloved chain has never lost its Southern hospitality and authentic feel. Although Cracker Barrel is known for dishes like Southern Fried Chicken and Buttermilk Biscuits, even vegans can find a tasty bite to eat at this Southern spot. Finding vegan options at Cracker Barrel is easier than you might think! Whether you’re looking for some fried okra, a veggie-packed salad or a hearty vegan breakfast, Cracker Barrel will have you coming back for more.

The Vegan Unlocked Research Team analyzed all 81 items on the Cracker Barrel menu. We found a number of on-menu options and a few delicious custom creations.

Cracker Barrel scores 2.7 out of 5 stars, so it may not be renowned for its vegan treats, but you can find a selection of vegan meals if you’re willing to get creative.

This score is calculated based on the amount of vegan offerings on Cracker Barrel’s menu “as is” or with an easy substitution, a restaurant vegan customizability score, and finally, the amount of vegan options vs non-vegan options. Learn more about  Vegan Unlocked Ratings

Secret Menu

It’s easy to be discouraged when you see a menu filled with dishes that you can’t eat. Fortunately, almost any menu can be made vegan-friendly if you know how to think outside the box. Part of making it work with a diet restriction is knowing how to get creative when at a restaurant that’s not catered to you. With veganism, you can often piece together a tasty meal from a few well-chosen sides. Alternatively, find a main dish that calls your name and simply ask for it without cheese, sauce, or whatever is necessary for it to match your diet needs! Vegan Unlocked has done this work for you, compiling a vegan menu, editor’s picks and a secret menu to choose from. These customized meals should leave you as satisfied with Cracker Barrel as any meat-eater!

Looking for something simpler? Scroll down to find Cracker Barrel’s vegan menu items and our editors’ top picks just below this section.

House Salad

Enjoy fresh greens, grape tomatoes and cucumbers for a refreshing, healthy meal! Hold the bacon, cheese and croutons. For the dressing, choose between fat-free Italian or Balsamic Herb Vinaigrette).

Build Your Own Homestyle Breakfast

Start your day off with impossible sausage and a side of fresh seasonal fruit, fried apples, coarse ground grits and fresh tomato slices. Hold the eggs and gravy, and sub the biscuit with multigrain toast or an English muffin.

All The Vegan Options at Cracker Barrel


  • Country Vegetable Plate (no bread): Choose between 3 veggie sides, whether you’re in the mood for whole kernel corn, turnip greens, cucumber n’ onion salad, fried apples or more! Hold the bread for a delicious vegan meal.


  • Coarse ground grits
  • Fried Apples
  • Tomato slices
  • Impossible sausage
  • Fresh Seasonal Fruit
  • Multigrain Toast
  • Steak fries
  • Breaded Fried Okra
  • Broccoli
  • Corn
  • Sweet Whole Baby Carrots
  • Plain baked potato
  • Plain Baked Sweet Potato
  • Vegetable Soup (no croutons)
  • Fresh fruit
  • English Muffin (no butter)

Sauces, Add Ons, Toppings

  • 100% Pure Natural Syrup
  • Strawberry Syrup
  • Our Blueberry Syrup
  • Sugar-Free Syrup
  • Low-Sugar Fruit Spread
  • Ketchup
  • BBQ Sauce

Editors’ picks: What are the best vegan options at Cracker Barrel?

The Build Your Own Homestyle Breakfast is the most well-rounded vegan meal at Cracker Barrel. The impossible sausage is full of protein, and the multigrain toast or English muffin is the perfect carb to eat it with! Choose between a number of tasty, refreshing veggies for the side and you’re all set for a healthy balanced meal. 

The healthiest vegan option is the Country Vegetable Plate with no bread. This is the perfect opportunity to eat all the veggie content you need, whether you go for Breaded Fried Okra, Sliced Tomatoes. Broccoli, Side Salad or another tasty combo!

The Breaded Fried Okra is the most budget-friendly menu item at Cracker Barrel, cashing in at only $2.99. Not only are you getting a healthy, iron-packed veggie; you also get a delectable, crispy snack! This is not only the cheapest vegan option, but the best for a treat-yourself moment.

Note: Vegan Unlocked is a tool dedicated to helping people find plant-based options. We are not an allergen resource and want to encourage our friends with allergies to proceed with caution. We cannot control and don’t always know when cross-contamination occurs. See Cracker Barrel’s allergen menu here. Regarding cross-contamination of vegan foods with animal products, this is completely up to your comfort level as an individual. Read our stance on cross-contamination here. 

Frequently Asked Cracker Barrel Questions

Are Cracker Barrel fries vegan?

Cracker Barrel Steak Fries are in fact vegan, containing no animal products. However, they are cooked in oil with non-vegan foods, so they are cross-contaminated. Some vegans are ok with this, while others would rather skip cross-contaminated foods.

Are Cracker Barrel biscuits vegan?

Biscuit-loving vegans will sadly have to stay away from Cracker Barrel’s biscuits, as they contain milk.

Are Cracker Barrel pancakes vegan?

Cracker Barrel pancakes are not vegan unfortunately, as they contain milk and eggs.

You can find out more about Cracker Barrel by visiting their website here

Dining at Cracker Barrel soon?

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